The Road to DOMINATE

DOMINATE started in the back of a barber’s shop, and it was awesome. We had a lot of fun, and talked to a lot of guys about what they wanted from their hair and their lives.

We listened, we experimented, and two years later we’d created a barber-quality product guys could use every day and still afford to live large: original DOMINATE WAXX.

We’d used traditional beeswax, no nasty chemicals, a converted washing machine drum, a wooden spoon borrowed from the café next door, and our own ideas about the perfect hair product.

18 years and 3,000 stores later, DOMINATE is one of Australasia’s leading men’s styling brands. The washing machine drum and wooden spoon are gone, but the barber shop spirit lives on.

And we’re still having fun. Life’s a journey. DOMINATE yours.