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If you have zero time or just want that "I'm so hot I don't have to do my hair" look, ask your barber for a classic square cut, but longer on both sides and the front.

Next day, jump out of the shower and apply DOMINATE Out of Bed. Done.


To achieve this look, steal your girlfriend’s hairdryer (or if you’re smart, ask nicely). Then blow back to build body.

Once the product is in, the natural look of DOMINATE Matte Wax can be remodelled with water – taking you from day to night without having to reapply.


This electric look is for the more adventurous. There’s serious attitude here. Shave away the sides, keep the length fairly long on top and style it how you like it. Stick it up or push to one side, and DOMINATE.

DOMINATE Resin Paste will fix your look all day.


Old School Prep is the new hipster. Half an inch long on top, tapered down around the ears and neck in a fade. Wear hair parted and brushed to one side.

DOMINATE Rok Waxx will keep every hair in its place.


Want a super-charged, stand-out style? Reach for the hard stuff.

DOMINATE Nitro Cement with added Guarana Caffeine Complex instantly gives you visibly healthy and strong hair, and heaps more hold to keep you going all day long.


This James Dean-inspired style has body and pomp, but is still clean-cut enough for the office. Do it if your hair is wavy to curly, medium to thick. Ask your stylist to keep the sides at a medium length; with a top to side ratio of 2:1, blended.

Use DOMINATE Shaping Funk to create some rough, raw cool.


Sometimes called the reverse fade, the standout features of this slick style are tight sides and length at the crown.

Get this look by evenly distributing DOMINATE Original Waxx through your hair and pulling it back. Use a fine tooth comb for a smooth finish or wide tooth comb for some texture.

Dominate Premimum Men's Grooming


DOMINATE Moulding Crème with Keratan is all about medium hold, medium shine, and perfect flexibility.

Work a little evenly through your hair when it’s damp or dry, then mould it to the shape you like. Easy.

And while its holding, the Keratin will work its magic repairing and strengthening your hair.


Get the natural look with natural ingredients.

Work DOMINATE Fiber through your hair when it’s damp or dry and style to get a natural textured look with high hold and a dry matte finish.

The added caffeine will help kick your hair’s staying power up a notch.


Behold the Pompadour; simultaneously classic and edgy, cool yet smouldering. For the ultimate Pompadour, you’re going need a great cut and a pot of DOMINATE Pomade.

Spread a pea-sized amount evenly through to towel-dried hair. Slick the sides and top back, then push the slicked hair forward from the back with a brush. Comb the hair straight at the front, and you’re done.